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K II survey, what it is, and why we use it in our investigations. pros & cons

Thesis: It is said by proponents of the K2 that a ghost/spirit can be “taught” to move closer to the K2 meter causing the LED display to jump multiple times in order to indicate positive or negative responses. More specifically that a K2 meter is the singular EMF meter tool for this type of investigation as opposed to the vast array of other models/types of EMF meters used by paranormal investigators for ghost/spirit detection. This activity relies on the paranormal theory that ghosts/spirits are at least in part electrically based and as such produce an EMF. Ghosts/spirits can be instructed that by moving towards and away from the meter it can show yes/no responses to questions posed by the investigator.


  1. Theory # 1: EMF meters detect electromagnetic fields. In theory when a spirit/ghost manifests, it gives off an electromagnetic field, which may be picked up by an EMF meter.

  2. Theory # 2: In theory a spirit can communicate with you through this meter by lighting up the LED lights. There would be 2 dashes of light if the answer is yes, and 1 dash of light if the answer is no. (This is Chris Flemming's theory on the K-II Meter.)

  3. HOW TO USE: Hold the button on the front of the meter. Point the meter away from you, scanning the area for any variations of magnetic fields. If the meter gets a reading try to locate where the reading is coming from by going over your previous pathway. When the investigation is complete write down your readings in the field report.

RANGE: The range on this EMF meter is 1mg to 20+mg. The range from the meter to the active field is 0 to 6 feet.

READINGS: The unit of measurement on all EMF meters is milligaus (mg). Normal activity through this meter is 0mg to 2mg. Paranormal activity occurs between 2.5mg to 10mg. Any readings above 10mg is probably non paranormal if you are in a non controled environment. There are many things that can throw off EMF readings, such as speakers, electrical wires, television sets, computers, appliances, electrical outlets, romex cable, power lines etc. The readings for theory # 2 is that the LED lights will blink twice for yes, and once for no.

Today I want to talk to you about K2 meters and the Rule of Five. Odds are you’ve probably heard of a K2 meter, but you haven’t heard of the Rule of Five (Probably because I made up the Rule of Five, but I’ll get to that in a second).

First the K2 Meter, ghost hunting device, electrician’s tool. It measures EMF.

Scientists would like to say that if you’re going to measure EMF on an investigation, you have to know your sources, think critically about it, and get down to the heart of what’s actually sending out that signal.

I like to say that if you’re getting responses for twenty minutes in perfect answer to your questions, you’re probably not talking to a stray signal from a washing machine. (Unless of course it’s a really smart washing machine, which would be paranormal in its own right, but not quite what we’re looking for).

But this opens up problems between the Experiential Investigator (the person just doing it to have an experience of the paranormal) and the Scientific Investigator (the person writing a proof, or trying to understand what’s happening empirically).

Quick secret, you don’t have to be a “scientific investigator” to do a paranormal investigation.

Quick secret about the secret, you should probably learn as much as you possibly can about the subject anyway.

Which is why I’m doing this vlog right now. We have to educate ourselves. I’ve seen way too many people go through a deserted place believing every little thing is a spirit. (Which isn’t to say that I blame them, most have never done this before, but there is a trend in that SO many people now are joining teams, creating teams, and investigating as a hobby EVERYWHERE, that we need to explain the basics).

So, speaking about the K2, we need to cover the device and this idea of justified “perfect answers to your questions” as an acceptable substitute for “scientifically investigating.”

So the rest of this will come at you in five points.

Point ONE: If you don’t already know, some people theorize that as a spirit manifests, it produces EMF at the frequency that a K2 registers, or they can take this EMF from somewhere else, and reproduce it to communicate back and forth.

But, point TWO: Just because your K2 is going off, doesn’t mean it’s a ghost.

Which leads to point THREE: K2 meters are set off by EVERYTHING. Cell phones. Wireless signals. Walkie talkies. GPS. All of these communication signals that we have around us all the time, K2 meters pick up on those.

Point FOUR: The Rule of Five. Time for a fairytale. So I sit in my living room with friends and K2 meter starts flashing, little differently than usual. Flickering eight times in succession, then stopped for twenty or thirty seconds before the transition, eight times in total.Now I think mechanically. My instinct as a man of logic, if is that repeated, indications are probably of mechanical origin. Meanwhile, I started timing the intervals in my head, then, with my cell phone, and I realize that there is definitely a gap of twenty or thirty seconds between each flashing. Counting the intervals it took me some time, meanwhiel my company had already created a whole story. Which is not hard to do.With "yes" to confirm every twenty seconds you can build a conversation, for example, Are you a woman? No. Are you human? Yes. Ok. Are you a spirit beside us? You're not the spirit of someone in this room with us now? Yes. What I have however seen in several cases like this is that ''spirit'' stops to make its presence felt after four or five questions. Why;Because firstly, there is no spirit. Secondly, this is because you have created a particular story that you start to expect answers about this, and then stop giving you the answers you need. You can start asking more targeted questions that expect a "yes" answer to, and fewer questions expects a "no" reply. So one would expect that the "frequency of '' yes" in the answers will increase, but no. This happens because it is in a particular pattern, marked twenty to thirty seconds.

So point FIVE, ask good critical questions. Ask the same questions in a different way twice and hold the spirit very accountable for those answers.

Now, is this an unbroken rule? No. Maybe the spirit takes a little extra time to rebuild their energy again before they answer you again so quickly. Maybe it takes them some time to get their bearings back before answering the second question. Maybe they can only answer five questions before losing their energy and maybe it’s really hard for them to come through on one of these devices.

But because information is so crucial in this field right now, and people think we’re crazy enough already, we have to be as specific as possible.

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