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Quantization and Hypocrisy in Paranormal Phenomena

I felt the need to write the following text, long ago, in response to various reports, some positive and others negative. Criticism is always welcome when it is kindhearted. But it is always kindhearted? And if not, then why such hatred and aversion to the subject of the paranormal? In the research field of the paranormal in Greece, are moving several groups and researchers. Some are in their infancy while some others have many years as researchers,or writers, whichthey have my eternal and sincere respect for what they are doing and what they offered in the field of the paranormal and selflessly, and this should be the particularly stressed. Why someone to deal with the investigation of the paranormal? Why the rule wants the researchers to be restless, to have existential questions about life and the space in which we all live, whether it is a single building or even the whole world in which we all live together here ... Hmm who is or what is? There is a host of folklore, mythology, traditions, testimonies about strange sightings, but also the official and recorded history of each place where, for some reason, with a misty strange Kafkaesque mechanism all interweaves a mystery as to what actually happened at some areas or up to general existence questions about afterlife and spiritual world .Religions, each with its own approach gives answers to many questions concerning spiritual world or if you prefer better, the existence of an alternative world where the material does not have the same weight as the world that we perceive. Science though? What is the position of science? Is it a fact that there is no formal scientific proof? Somewhere here... So, begins the investigation with a scientific equipment, and always based on theories that are from different sources either scientific or pure folklore, going out in the field of research and looking. As an objective researcher not have the luxury to choose the sources, you are obligated to control them all for the validity of the research. So, we go in the darkness waiting 10 hours for a five second video, or a photograph which shows something that conventional science can not prove or simply the explanations given can be so funny that becomes suspicious. One of the challenges currently faced by physicists in their quest for a unified theory of everything is the apparent contradiction between quantum mechanics and relativity. Quantum mechanics describes the behavior of the subatomic world with a completely different set of rules than that of relativity, which describes the hyper-atomic / macro-universe. This dichotomy of theoretical systems is proof that science still has a long way until finds a single cosmological model that can accommodate all the observable reality. The micro-universe of quantum compared with the macro-universe is strange. Particles pop in and out of their existence, defying the laws of conservation (can't either create or destroy matter). Different particles may be in the same position at the same time, or may even be possible at each position at the same time. One of the most important aspects of quantum reality is that nothing can be predicted with certainty. The coincidence observed in subatomic events, and the inability to estimate both the momentum and the position of any particle at a given time, has led to the uncertainty principle of quantum mechanics, which states that only the possibility of an event data can be predicted. [There are many good books and internet articles where the uncertainty principle can be explained in greater depth than permitted here] In contrast, the macro-universe of relativity, what we observe in the course of our day, it is quite predictable. A volume of molecules, each of them contains two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom in STP (normal pressure and temperature) and with sufficient gravity to keep this volume together, will produce a clear liquid known as water anywhere in the known universe meet these conditions.That means... All eggs produced by chickens are chicken eggs. 0% of these eggs could be platypus eggs.Similar, the pot roast that you put in the oven is not magically turned into a granite block. The list of things we can predict with certainty our macro-universe are almost unlimited. Physicists have tried to solve this paradox for decades. But in recent years, some have adopted the approach-perhaps by frustration or Impatience-aggression of quantum mechanics on the macro-universe a bit violently. In other words, some have simply declared that the macro-universe must also be random and uncertain, but it just can not look at it for some reason. This has led to a number of really bizarre concepts like multiverse (parallel universes). But none of these systems could not succeed in explaining to a universal application and consistently of the wholesale predictability observed in the macrocosmos. But wait a minute, what about paranormal phenomena? Telepathy, bizarre apparitions, levitations, acoustic electronic phenomena (EVP) etc., presented exactly with these crazy features, just like the different types of quantum events, but also observed at macrocosmos. Moreover, because their appearance is random and unpredictable, of the same doubtful quality just as in subatomic environment. Someone would think that because the paranormal experience has this uncertainty, physicists would seek verification of the quantum phenomenon in the world of hyper-atomic and would welcome the proposal for the observations. But no ... Somehow, the central science has traditionally rejected the reality of paranormal phenomena, precisely because of the uncertainty and the unpredictable behavior they have !!! So ... we have scientists who insist on rejecting paranormal evidence, hypocritically, even if they show the same quantum uncertainty in the macro-universe that themselves are looking for ages now. At the same time they have no problem embracing various imaginative theories and ideas, by imposing uncertainty over all other comments in the macro-universe that does not even present the above mentioned characteristics of this quantum. Objectively, therefore the scientific basis consciously choose to follow the path of obscurantism concerning paranormal, ostentatiously ignoring the evidence of quantum particle behavior. So when someone chooses to be negative, (especially when he wants to be called a scientist), then changes himself into fanatical obscurantist because firstly denies basic principles of science, that comes today with proof of the Quantum embrace, to prove that two particles, and over long distances from one another, can interact and fall into a similar physical condition. (500 years ago obscurantists set people on fire when they dared to say that Earth is spherical and not flat). This news is therefore ... bad news for Albert Einstein, who hated this mysterious phenomenon, because couldn't be explained by its own theories about the universe. Equally, though, is bad news for hackers because the future quantum cryptography will be infinitely more difficult to "hacked". But it is also very bad news for deniers of the paranormal investigators, as the theory now leaves wide open all possibilities and leave them now shamed and stripped, trying to justify the unjustifiable, to cover either their deceit or the apparent weakness into the scientific mainstream.

But at the same time gives food for thought to all the healthy skeptics that ultimately everything is possible in this world we live in. The researchers, led by Ronald Hanson of the Dutch University of Delft, finding already pre-publication in the scientific website arXiv, according to Nature , pending a formal publication by a committee of the journal. For a "historic moment" spoke quantum physicist Nicolas Gkezen the University of Geneva. For "real bright and beautiful experiment" spoke the leading quantum physicist Anton Tsailingker University of Vienna. Quantum physicist Matthew Laifer the Canadian Institute "Perimeter" in Ontario, said it would not be surprised if in the coming years one of researchers, along with other senior colleagues, takes the Nobel Physics. There were other related experiments, but also new experiments will follow in the Netherlands that will close the "loopholes" '' doubts '' to those who had left. According to a report, in quantum mechanics, the objects may be located simultaneously in many different situations (e.g., a particle at two points). Only when the correct measurement of the researcher "settles" item in a given situation. Furthermore -and this is even more surprising, the properties of two distant objects, which is kilometers away, "hugs", thus, when measuring a property of an object, the corresponding property of the other object changes in the same condition as the first, despite the distance. This behavior (as if there is a "ghost" to the subject) had upset Einstein, apparently because it violates the supposedly ''sacred inaccessible'' of the general rule that nothing can travel faster than light. In the 60s, the first Irish physicist John Bell proposed an experiment to confirm the quantum entanglement and then came the rebuttal for Einstein permanently.The first such trial was conducted in 1981 by Alain Aspect (most likely candidate for a future Nobel) at the Institute of Optics in Palese France. Several experiments have taken place and many more will be in the coming years, and each time did not remain any doubt. But the new test - the participation of quantum to engage with pairs of electrons and photons - seems closed now, for good of all the previous gaps. "The experiment in Delft is the definitive proof that quantum cryptography can be infinitely safe," said Tsailingker.However, in practice, the application is expected to be quite difficult.Thus we can conclude that ultimately we know just 1% of what we see, hear, and feel in the physical world. Time sets the scene. Fate writes the script. But only weare the ones that can choose our character. And we choose as a group and as individuals separately to do the same at The Afterdark Project. We do not follow the easy road of rejection of everything as fanciful, but we chose the difficult path of proper and thorough investigation, with selflessness, honesty, to chart our own path in this field, guided always by knowledge, cooperation without preconceptions in obsessions around the world of the paranormal. Besides... Heraclitus once, said these words ... ''Ήθος ανθρώπω δαίμων''. ''The mans character is also its destiny''. Ch. Karaliotas PhDr. MD

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